For those to whom Stand Up Paddling is much more than just a summer sport… For those who live and breathe Stand Up Paddling.


A long and narrow shape with a solid two layer built , the StandOut 12'6 is a perfect match for people who look for a fast inflatable board, that gives them the thrill and the speed of a solid board.

With it's stiff double layer construction it makes sure also big people over 100 kg can feel the thrill of going fast on the water.

Once you try it, Stand Up Paddling will not be just a fun summer sport anymore.


StandOut Design

With the classical StandOut design, it will make you standout no matter the season, and when matched with our dry suits it completes the look from head to board.



A long narrow shape with a wide tail, makes it the fastest inflatable board in our collection. It makes the perfect choice for people who like a faster board then the usual touring boards, or people who are looking for a reliable training board that they can fit even in the trunk of the smallest city car.



A safe and solid double layer construction, makes the 12’6 a secure and stiff board for any person, even for the big people over 100kg. You will not feel any bending of the board and your feet will always stay safe and dry above the water.



The high kick pad comes very useful for changing direction or to make complete 360° turns, and the wider tail gives the paddler that extra stability that he needs.


Bag holder:

It is true that you can paddle only in your SUP clothes. But if you need anything else, use the bag holder for water bottles, dry bags and all your other essentials.


Toolless fin:

No more loose screws, and lost fin parts. The toolless fin system makes sure you mount your fin in a second and you never lose any essential parts.


Shoulder strap:

Have your hands free while you carry the board to your paddling spot. The Shoulder carry strap has a wide belt, that sits comfortably on your shoulders while you use your hands for carrying your other paddling gear, so you need only one trip from the car to the beach. 


Double action pump:

Every StandOut board comes in with a fixed based double action pump, that helps you get on the water with a nice warm up workout.


3-piece aluminum paddle:

With your StandOut board you will also find a 3-piece aluminum paddle so you can start your paddling experience the same day.


StandOut bag:

Everything comes nicely packed in a simple lean SUP bag, with incorporated wheels to make transport easy.

SUP 12'6 Race

Artikelnummer: STND5003B
CHF 995.00 Standardpreis
CHF 796.00Sonderpreis
  • Technical Data

    • Dimension: 12'6" x 29" x 6"
    • Weight: 12,7 kg
    • Volume: 320 L
    • Fin: Click-Fin
    • Application: Race, training, touring
  • Scope of delivery

    • 12’6 Race SUP
    • Click-Fin
    • 3-piece Alu paddle (light weight)
    • Backpack with wheels
    • Repair-Kit

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