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Here at StandOut we put a lot f emphasis on choosing the right materials so our costumers  can have the best experience with our products. In the cold periods of the year  our main focus is on keeping our fellow athletes and costumers dry at all times, so nothing can take away the pleasure of a quite ride during winter time.


GT3  material for our Dry Suits:

The first of the two specially chosen materials is the GT3 Fabric, that we use for our Dry Suits.

It is very light , stretchable, windproof and made out of 3 layers.

1. Layer: Face fabric

2. Layer: Breathable membrane ( lets the vapor out but does not let water in)

3. Layer: Protective fabric


  • Waterproof 18.000 mm

  • Breathability 24.000 g/sqm/24hrs

  • Windproof



The second special material that we choose to fit the winter collection is neoprene with quick drying internal lining , that we use to keep your fit warm in cold conditions:

We call it American beauty. Some of its main features are.

·       Quick drying internal lining

·       Water gets drained away from the skin

·       Skin stays exposed to the outside layer which stays dryer





In our search for the right materials that could give the human body the right balance between cool and warm, we came across the Airprene material. This is basically a 1,5mm thick perforated neoprene and its main feature is breathability. Due to its perforations through the rubber line it achieves a much higher moisture transpiration, which means a cooler feeling on your body than a regular non perforated neoprene with the same thickness. Another great feature of the Airprene is the heat transpiration effect, when the muscles heat up because of the physical activity. The holes in the material give it also a higher stretch ability without loosing any strength of the fabric.





If you want to enjoy paddling in summer , the hot sun is inevitable. We from StandOut wanted to enable you to paddle freely without being worried about the sun exposure too much. This is why we choose the UV protective material from Heiq for our Shade shirt. Some of the materials main features are:

  • Antibacterial lining

  • Prevents bad smells

  • Dries very quickly after water exposure

  • UV protection of 30+

  • Everlasting features, even through washing wearing etc…

  • Sustainable technology: uses three times less silver in the manufacturing process




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